Yriy Nashivochnikov

  • 1922 - Born in Pavlovsk, Voroneshz region, USSR.
  • 1934-1937 - Studied under Luzshskovskiy, nursery arts school, Leningrad, USSR.
  • 1936-1972 - Studied under Osip Sidlin (student of Alexander Savinov, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Axander, Osmerkin).
  • 1944-1945 - A first-year student at the Institute of Applied and Decorative Art, Moscow, USSR.
  • 1951 - Graduated from the Academy of the Arts, Leningrad, USSR.
  • 1951-1961 - Position of a creative worker in Artist's Union, Department of sculpture, Moscow, USSR.
  • 1961-1965 - Teaching painting and sculpture, Leningrad, USSR.
  • 1965-1977 - Teaching and work, Department of teaching the blind, Pedagogical Institute named after Herzen, Leningrad, USSR.
  • 1987-1995 - Position of a manager at the gallery "Sidlin's school".
  • 1992 - Founded Artistic Group "Temple's Wall".

The Leningrad Nonconformist Art of the totalitarian period is an amazing phenomenon. Filonov, Sterligov, Kondratyev, Arefiev, Schwartz and other gifted, fundamental and solitary masters presented some indivisible plasma and not only created a certain iconostasis of their times but a kind of art religion; they turned out to be the keepers of the highest secrets, which existence promised the true artistic values to survive in the realm of the fake values.

Sidlin, the teacher of Yriy Nashivochnikov, was a person of the kind. And, perhaps, everything spoken above is particularly true when speaking of Sidlin and his school. Sidlin has said that "It is a common place in painting: one should do something, which is necessary, not something one can see. If you devote yourself to painting, you will understand that a canvas, a picture have their own laws, which has nothing to do with the laws of nature, the natural laws."

Yriy Nashivochnikov painted studies of small size as well as large canvases, displayed free subject forms with spatial coloured spectrums on canvas. The Sidlin's still life was transforming into Nashivochnikov's experimental conception, vibrating with light.

Yriy Nashivochnikov is always full of creative power. He has invented a number of methods and techno- logies. He was teaching painting and sculpture to blind children. For a long time he has been working with a group of adults - developing their creative abilities in painting, sculpture, music and dancing.

Yriy Nashivochnikov's paintings witness rather to the powerful and straight-out artistic training, which is directed towards the European level of pictorial and formal perfection, than to the existence of a system.

Yriy Nashivochnikov participated in more than.
Still Life with Knife, 1968. Oil on cardboard, 70x100 100 art exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Gallery S.P.A.S. Personalities exhibition of St. Petersburg Artists june, 21-23 2002